Program – Choral


Ebenezer Christian Refomed Church / MAP
Wednesday April 15, 2020


Award Group 10
Class 90600 == Chorus – Recital – 10 and under

  1.   Leduc Community Choir
    “Singing Peace Canon” by Donald Moore, Arranged by Donald Moore
    “One Wish” by Dave and Jean Perry, Arranged by Dave and Jean Perry
    “I See the Moon” by Douglas Beam, Arranged by Douglas Bean



Award Group 15
Class 92250 == School Chorus – Recital – Grades 1-3

  1.  Leduc Estates School
    “The stars are with the voyager” by Jay Althouse
    “Un Canadien Errant”, Arranged by Nancy Telfer
    “Take me out to the Ball Game” by Jack Norworth and Albert Von Tilzer, Arranged by C. Cassils


Award Group 8
Class 90080 == School Choir – 12 and under

  1.  Ecole Beau Meadow School
    “When I Close My Eyes” by Jim Papoulis, Arranged by Jim Papoulis
    “The Jumblies” by Jill Friedersdorf and Melissa Malvar-Keylock, Arranged by Jill Friedersdorfand Melissa Malvar-Keylock


Award Group 12
Class 91830 == School Chorus – Traditional Folk Song – Grades 4-6 SA

  1.  East Elementary
    “Flunky Jim” by Canadian Folk Song, Arranged by Craig Cassils


Award Group 9
Class 90420 == Chorus – Contemporary/Modern Composers – 14 and under

  1.  Turn’er Up Choir
    “Do-Re-Mi” by Oscar Hammerstein II and Richard Rodgers, Opus/Show Title: The Sound of Music, Arranged by Roger Emerson


10:30AM      ~BREAK~      10:30AM

Class 92030 == School Chorus – Traditional Folk Song with Accompaniment – Grades 4-6 SA

  1.  Greystone Centennial Middle School
    “Obwisana Goin’ to Ghana” by Mary Donnelly, Arranged by George Strid

Class 92210 == School Chorus – Concert – Grades 4-6

  1.  Greystone Centennial Middle School
    “Hold Fast to Dreams” by Susan Labarr
    “Murasame The Mist of Evening” by Victor C. Johnson

    “Lightning” by Greg Gilpin

~LUNCH~      11:30AM

Class 92050 == School Chorus – Traditional Folk Song with Accompaniment – Grades 7-9 Parts

  1.  Greystone Centennial Middle School
    “Ndikhokhele Bawo”, Arranged by Michael Ryan

Class 92220 == School Chorus – Concert – Grades 7-9

  1.  Greystone Centennial Middle School
    “Windy Nights” by Cynthia Grey
    “La Musica” by Jay Althouse
    “Lunar Lullaby” by Jacob Narverud

1:30PM      ~BREAK~       1:30PM


Award Group 14
Class 92230 == School Chorus – Concert – Grades 10-12

  1.  Leduc Composite High 
    “Baraka Na Wewe” by Victor C. Johnson, Arranged by Victor C. Johnson
    “As The Ship Went Down” by Woodpigeon, Arranged by George Chung
    “I Can See the River Jordan” by Jay Althouse, Arranged by Jay Althouse
    “Tres Canciones” by Victor C. Johnson, Arranged by Victor C. Johnson


Award Group 11
Class 91660 == School Chorus – Contemporary/Modern Composers – Grades 10-12 SAB or SATB

  1.  Leduc Composite HS
    “Count the Stars” by Andy Beck, Arranged by Andy Beck


Award Group 13
Class 91860 == School Chorus – Traditional Folk Song – Grades 10-12 SSA or SSAA

  1.  Leduc Composite High School Choir
    “J’entends le Moulin”, Arranged by Patriquin