Jr Piano Zoom Classes

Junior Piano Zoom Classes

April 19th – 20th, 2021

Monday, April 19th
9:00 AM
Award Group 7
Class 75102 – Grade 2

1.Merrick Allen
“Gavotte in C Major” by Samuel Arnold, Opus/Show Title: op. 12, no. 2

2.Benjamin Freiter
“Capriccio in G” by FJ Haydn, Arranged by FJ Haydn

3.Mercedes Giesbrecht
“Ecossaise in G Major” by Ludwig van Beethoven, Opus/Show Title: W0O 23

4.Evan Lee
“German Dance in B Flat Major” by Franz Joseph Haydn, Opus/Show Title: Hob. IX:22, no. 5

Class 75103 – Grade 3

1.Kaylee Engelking
“Minuet KV 7” by W.A. Mozart

9:45 AM
Award Group 12
Class 77401 – Grade 1

1.Paetyn Greening
“The Bare Necessities” by Terry Gilkyson, Arranged by Faber

2.Phoebe Whitfield
“I’ve Got A Dream” by Alan Menken, Arranged by Faber

3.Drake Lunde
“He’s A Pirate” by Kali’s Badelt, Arranged by Faber

Class 77403 – Grade 3

1.Stephanie Sanders
“On Broadway” by Barry Mann, Arranged by Mona Rejino

2.Kyana Yang
“Edelweiss” by Richard Rodgers, Arranged by Faber

3.Penny Yarmuch
“In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Grieg, Opus/Show Title: Peer Gynt Suite, Arranged by Bastien

10:30 AM
Award Group 11
Class 77200 – Pre-Grade 1

1.Mira Matter
“Struttin'” by Christopher Norton

2.Hannah Plitt
“Cool Groove” by Edwin McLean

Class 77201 – Grade 1

1.Maryn Harlton
“Full of Confidence” by Christopher Norton

2.Ethan Bennett
“Red Satin Jazz” by Martha Mier

Class 77202 – Grade 2

1.Bryanna Geldart
“El Torero y El Toro” by Andrew Harbridge

11:00 AM
Award Group 10
Class 75602 – Grade 2

1.Violet Michaud
“Colored Windows” by Edna-Mae Burnam

2.Parker Stokes
“Rag Time” by Christopher Norton, Arranged by Christopher Norton

3.Addison Jory
“Periwinkle Twinkle” by Anne Crosby Gaudet, Arranged by Anne Crosby Gaudet

4.Ella Barkman
“Atacama Desert” by Wynn-Anne Rossi

5.Malcolm Bruinsma
“I Spy” by Melody Bober

6.Kyana Yang
“Atacama Desert” by Wynn-Anne Rossi

7.Avery Villetard
“Quiet Lagoon” by Jon George

8.Taiah Tijani
“Atacama Desert” by Wynn-Anne Rossi

Class 75603 – Grade 3

1.Adrianna Freiter
“Spain” by Clifford Poole

2.Stephanie Sanders
“Interlude” by Martha Mier

Monday, April 19th
1:00 PM
Award Group 1
Class 74000 – Pre-Grade 1

1.Jillian Clark
“A Skating Waltz” by Boris Berlin

2.Elizabeth Strauss
“A Little Joke” by Dmitri Kabalevsky, Opus/Show Title: op. 39, no. 6

3.Krew Kowaluk
“A 16th Century March” by Willard Palmer and Amanda Lethco

4.Vlad Didier
“Sneaky Sam” by Melody Bober

Class 74001 – Grade 1

1.Phoebe Whitfield
“The Sewing Machine” by Melanie Bonis

2.Katelyn Labutes
“Blinky the Robot” by David Carr Glover

3.Shae LaRocque
“A Starry Night” by Italo Taranta

1:45 PM
Award Group 2
Class 74002 – Grade 2

1.Ella Barkman
“The Sparkling Brook” by Margaret Goldston

2.Malcolm Bruinsma
“Half Asleep” by Christopher Norton

3.Avery Villetard
“I Spy” by Melody Bober

Class 74003 – Grade 3

1.Emerson Matter
“Arabesque” by JF Burgmuller, Opus/Show Title: Op 100 No 2

2.Ava Geldart
“Pagoda” by Lynn Freeman Olson

Class 75202 – Grade 2

1.Joshua Siemens
“Soldiers March” by Robert Schumann, Opus/Show Title: Op 68 No 2

2.Evan Lee
“Etude in F Major” by Christian Louis, Heinrich Kohler, Opus/Show Title: Op. 190, no. 27

Class 07903 – Sacred Piano Solo – Grade 3

1.Adrianna Freiter
“It Is Well With My Soul” by Philip P. Bliss

2:45 PM
Award Group 9
Class 75600 – Pre-Grade 1

1.Max Henault
“The Calico Cat” by Helen Marlais

2.Jillian Clark
“The Haunted Mouse” by Nancy and Randall Faber

3.Georgia Perrin
“Shadows” by Dennis Alexander and Martha Mier

4.Drake Lunde
“Cool Groove” by Edwin McLean

5.Krew Kowaluk
“Sneaky Sam” by Melody Bober

6.Vlad Didier
“The Calico Cat” by Helen Marlais

3:15 PM
Award Group 14
Class 75601 – Grade 1

1.Sarah Siemens
“Robots” by Anne Crosby Gaudet

2.Paetyn Greening
“Angelfish” by Anne Crosby Gaudet

3.Jwanylou Medina
“Angelfish” by Anne Crosby Gaudet

4.Katelyn Labutes
“Angelfish” by Anne Crosby Gaudet

5.Shae LaRocque
“Pirate Story” by Chee-Hwa Tan

3:45 PM
Award Group 8
Class 75500 – Pre-Grade 1

1.Annika Bruinsma
“A Little Joke” by Dmitri Kabalevsky, Opus/Show Title: op. 39, no. 6

Class 75501 – Grade 1

1.Wyatt Bennett
“The Prowling Pussycat” by William Gillock

Class 75503 – Grade 3

1.Penny Yarmuch“The Song of Twilight” by Nakada

4:00 PM
Award Group 16
Class 71011 – 11 and Under

1.Matthew Williams
“Invention 14 in B flat major” by J.S. Bach, Opus/Show Title: BWV 785

Tuesday, April 20th
9:00 AM
Award Group 5

Class 75001 – Grade 1

1.Wyatt Bennett
“Bourrée in A Minor” by J. S. Bach, Opus/Show Title: BWV 1002

2.Georgia Janssen
“Minuet” by Johann Krieger

3.Ethan Bennett
“Burlesque in G Major” by Anonymous

4.Tobin Nguyen
“Burlesque in G Major” by Anonymous

Class 75002 – Grade 2

1.Benjamin Freiter
“Bourree in D Minor” by JS Bach

Class 75003 – Grade 3

1.Emerson Matter
“Musette in D Major” by JS Bach, Opus/Show Title: BWV Anh. 126

2.Adrianna Freiter
“Menuet in G” by JS Bach, Opus/Show Title: Anh. 114

9:45 AM
Award Group 6 
Class 75100 – Pre-Grade 1

1.Taryn Villetard
“Arietta in C” by Muzio Clementi, Opus/Show Title: Opus 42 No. 5

Class 75101 – Grade 1

1.Connor Nguyen
“German Dance in D Major” by Franz Joseph Haydn, Opus/Show Title: Hob. IX:22, no.2

2.Georgia Janssen
“Russian Folk Song” by Beethoven, Opus/Show Title: op. 107, no. 3

3.Tobin Nguyen
“Sonatina in C – 1st Movement” by William Duncombe

10:15 AM
Award Group 3
Class 74500 – Pre-Grade 1

1.Mira Matter
“Fly Like an Eagle” by Anne Crosby Gaudet

2.Emily Wong
“The Playful Puppy” by Linda Niamath

3.Annika Bruinsma
“Playful Puppy” by Linda Niamath

4.Elizabeth Strauss
“To Fly Like an Eagle” by Anne Crosby Gaudet

5.Georgia Perrin
“Rowing Round” by John Milligan

6.Taryn Villetard
“Starfish at Night” by Anne Crosby Gaudet

10:45 AM
Award Group 13
Class 74501 – Grade 1

1.Maryn Harlton
“Dream Journey” by Christine Donkin

2.Sarah Siemens
“Angelfish” by Anne Crosby Gaudet

3.Tanner Barkman
“Angelfish” by Anne Crosby Gaudet

4.Dalyn Ross
“Mist” by Clifford Poole, Opus/Show Title: Mist

5.Connor Nguyen
“March of the Terrible Trolls” by Linda Niamath

Tuesday, April 20th
11:15 AM
Award Group 4
Class 74502 – Grade 2

1.Merrick Allen
“Periwinkle Twinkle” by Anne Crosby Gaudet

2.Parker Stokes
“Crazy Comics” by Christine Donkin

3.Benjamin Freiter
“Dorian Disco” by Andrew Harbridge

4.Joshua Siemens
“Friday Night Fever” by Andrew Harbridge, Opus/Show Title: Dorian Disco

5.Mercedes Giesbrecht
“Penguins” by Linda Niamath

6.Bryanna Geldart
“The Waltz that Floated Away” by David L McIntyre

12:00 PM
Award Group 15
Class 76103 – Grade 3

1.Océanne Macaulay
“Musette in D Major” by Bach, Opus/Show Title: BMW Anh. 126

“Menuetto II in F Major” by Mozart

“The Song of Twilight” by Nakada