Leduc Rotary Music Festival Awards

Leduc Rotary Music Festival Awards

Where applicable classes of students have been placed into award groups.
The following awards are presented for the adjudicator’s choice of best performer who has achieved 85% (Gold) or better.
Awards are given to entrants 28 years and younger who study or reside in the City of Leduc or any municipality or area within the County of Leduc.
A complete list of award groups can be found listed HERE.

*We will continue to encourage the spirit of learning and each participant’s success.  Placement or award winners will not be recognized at the festival performance rather, the teachers of award winners will be contacted after their discipline is completed and acknowledged at the Awards Gala.  Adjudicator’s marks will be recorded on the student’s adjudication sheets. Although marks will still be recorded by the secretary and used to determine award winners, we are joining most festivals in using Standards.  These Standards will be indicated on the certificate presented to each performer at the end of their class.


Gold with Distinction – 90% and up
Gold – 87% – 89.5%
Silver – 84% – 86.5%
Bronze – 80% – 83.5%
Merit – Below 80%


Class descriptions

Classes by Grade  Entry             Classes by Age Entry

Category I:     Junior                 12 years & under                        Pre Grade 1–3

Category II:   Intermediate       13-16 years                                 Grades 4-6

Category III:  Senior                 17 years & over                           Grade 7 & over


*While award class groupings are determined by the Festival Board prior to the schedule being drawn up,
all awards are given to winners of highest marks in each award group.

First placeCategory ICategory IICategory III
Solo$40.00$50.00 $70.00
Concert, Recital, Concerto $65.00 $80.00 $100.00
Complete Sonata$65.00$80.00 $100.00
Duet$60.00$70.00 $80.00
Trio$60.00$75.00 $90.00
Quartet$80.00$100.00 $120.00
Second place (where applicable)Number of Entries 
Category I1-8First – $40.00
 9-16First – $40.00; Second – $30.00
Category II1-8First – $50.00
 9-16First – $50.00; Second – $40.00
Category III1-8 First – $70.00
 9-16 First – $70.00; Second – $60.00

Small Groups

Large Groups

5 – 12

13 and up




Medallion qualifications

Medallions are awarded to the top students in each discipline entering two provincially qualifying pieces within a given discipline.
The top two marks for each participant are used to determine the average mark and a third is used in case of a tie.  A mark of 85% must be achieved to be eligible.
The three levels are Gold, Silver and Bronze.