Recording Privacy Policy

Recording & Privacy Policy

By registering to participate in the Leduc Music Festival you are agreeing for the festival to use your name and or photos in advertising, promotion, social media, and website.  If you wish to NOT have your photo published please contact the Registrar, Alex Singelton |

In the name of child safety, common decency and in respect for others, the Leduc Music Festival commitee asks that you do not record the performances of any child except your own, and that you do not record any performer’s adjudication, including your own child.

Should you choose to ignore the committee’s request a common sense approach to keeping all performers safe might be to:

  • Always obtain permission from those directly involved in the creation of a performance video or photograph.  This includes the performer(s), the accompanist and the adjudicator.
  • Never place on a public repository (social media or YouTube, ect) anything that includes a public performance of a child, unless explicit permission has been obtained.