Registration Form

Online Registration

Important Notice!
By registering to participate in the Leduc Music Festival you are agreeing for the festival to use your name and or photos in advertising, promotion, social media, and website.  If you wish to NOT have your photo publish please contact the Registrar, Alex Singelton |

Registration is only available online and can be accessed through Music Festival Suite.
If you have registered in previous years you are not required to create a new profile.

The age of the entrant is of December 31st.  Eg, this year will be December 31st, 2023.

Phone numbers and postal codes for teachers and students must be included.

It is required that a profile be created for a parent, teacher and student.  It is advised to create the parent and teacher profile first as the student’s profile will require the parent’s and teachers’s ID number.

Selections must be indicated on the entry form.
Please be specific eg: Sonatina in D+ Op.36 No.6 (1st Mvt.) M. Clementi.  TBA is not acceptable.
If you are performing a piece that does not have a number, please type in none.

You need to bring one published/licensed score of the selection that you will be performing.
It is the responsibility of each participant to ensue they are not infringing on the composer’s/author’s rights in the performance of their selections.  The Leduc Music Festival Association assumes no responsibility for providing permission to perform or copy a composer’s/author’s work.

Performance time for all selections IS REQUIRED! We cannot schedule anything that does not have this included.

For group entries (this includes duets, trios & quartets), the number  of participants must be indicated. They must also be registered in the oldest member’s class (ensembles) or highest grade level (piano or school).

If you are a teacher at a music school please include the name of the school and school address with the teacher’s name (NOT the teacher’s home address).

There are changes to the Alberta Provincial Music Festival Syllabus every year.  Please click HERE and scroll to page 1 for updated rules regarding local classes to ensure your registrations are accurate.

Registration forms must be filled out online and sent electronically.  The balance is paid via Paypal.