Self Recordings

Self Recording Tips and Requirements

Here are some tips to help in creating a successful self recording.
Please note:  The quality of recordings will not be included in the adjudication.

In saying that here are steps that you can take to ensure a good quality piece.  The following are suggestions for recording on a smart phone or tablet.  

  • Use a tripod to avoid camera shake or extra microphone noise. 
  • Set up your recording in a well lit room (natural light is best) with the light source behind the camera.
  • Set your device so the camera is in landscape view. Individuals should stay at a distance where they achieve a video from the waist up while still in range to record good audio. This will be easier to achieve with a recording app or off camera microphone.  
  • Test the acoustics of your room.  Ensure all doors are closed.  If it there is echo or sound drops off in your recording try hanging blankets on bare walls.
  • Be sure that you are recording to an app or device that can export the file as an mp4.


Recording on to a  Mac, PC or DSLR
This a viable option as well.  It could require software which may have a cost associated with it and of course will take time to learn. It is highly recommended to use an off computer camera and microphone if recording with your computer or laptop or an external microphone with a digital camera. You may want to do a bit of research to ensure the camera is optimally set to shoot video.

Self recording requirements
You are allowed one take.  This is the recording that should be sent in for adjudication.  Your recording should not be doctored, enhanced or edited in any way.
If your recording is a piano piece your hands must be showing in the video.  For other instruments the video must show the instrument and your hands and for vocalists ensure that your face is in the video.
Acceptable props for musical theatre are listed on page 52 of the Alberta Provincial Syllabus.  If an appropriate prop is not available a similar one may be substituted. 
Accompaniments must be recorded piano accompaniments in all classes except vocal contemporary classes which may use any instrumental accompaniment. 


Privacy statement
By registering to participate in the Leduc Music Festival you are agreeing for the festival to use your name and or photos in advertising, promotion, social media, and website.  If you wish to NOT have your photo published please contact the Registrar, Alex Singleton |
All recording are for adjudication purposes and will NOT be broadcast publicly from our site or YouTube without consent of students and parents.

“Music is nothing else but wild sounds civilized into time and tune.”
-Thoma Fuller