Rosemarie Horne

Jr Piano

Rosemarie Horne is a passionate teacher who has been teaching for over 45 years.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Piano Pedagogy from Brigham Young University as well as Associate Performers and Teachers Degrees from the Royal Conservatory of Toronto.   As a Registered Music Teacher she teaches piano, history and theory with her students winning awards at the local and provincial levels.  However, what she enjoys most is helping students reach levels of perfection that they thought were nearly impossible.  The success of her students and the joy they receive through serious music studies is what sustains her devotion to music education.  In addition to her teaching, she enjoys accompanying various soloists and groups and is very involved in her church music.  Rosemarie is an avid community member and looks for ways to improve her community through her music and as a volunteer.  When not at the piano, or out in the community, you can find her pursuing various athletic endeavours from yoga to golf to scuba diving.