Sr Piano Zoom Classes

Intermediate & Senior Piano Zoom Classes

April 19th – 20th, 2021

Monday, April 19th
6:00 PM
Award Group 38
Class 28012 – 12 and Under

1.Kali Stokes
“The Ballad of New Beginnings” by Kali Stokes

2.Kate Blumenthal
“Uber Grasbewachsene Wiesen Schweben” by Kate Blumenthal, Opus/Show Title: Soaring Over Grassy Meadows

6:30 PM
Award Group 36
Class 75208 – Grade 8

1.Keon Reid
“Waltz in B Minor” by F Chopin, Opus/Show Title: Op 69 No 2

6:45 PM
Award Group 33
Class 75508 – Grade 8

1.Keon Reid
“Milonga del angel” by Astor Piazolla

Class 71617 – 17 and Under

2.Jillian Claerhout
“Reverie in F Minor” by Dennis Alexander, Arranged by Same

7:15 PM
Award Group 30

Class 70517 – 17 and Under

1.Jillian Claerhout
“Once Upon a Time” by Alexina Louie

Class 74509 – Grade 9

1.Diana Turner
“Polytonality” by R. Murray Schafer

7:45 PM
Award Group 31

Class 71517 – 17 and Under

1.Jillian Claerhout
“Mystic Flute” by Alan Hovhaness, Opus/Show Title: Op 22

Class 75510 – Grade 10

1.Ben Smith
“March from The Love for Three Oranges” by Sergei Prokofiev, Opus/Show Title: Op 33

8:15 PM
Award Group 34
Class 75009 – Grade 9

1.Diana Turner
“Sonata in E Major” by Domenico Scarlatti, Opus/Show Title: K 380

Class 75110 – Grade 10

1.Ben Smith
“Rondo in D Major K 485 No. 1” by Mozart, Opus/Show Title: Op 117

8:45 PM
Award Group 37
Class 75210 – Grade 10

1.Ben Smith
“3 Intermezzi No. 1” by Johannes Brahms, Opus/Show Title: Opus 117

Tuesday, April 20th
1:00 PM
Award Group 18

Class 74004 – Grade 4

1.Mason Miller
“A Sad Story” by Dmitri Kabalevsky, Opus/Show Title: op.27, no. 6

2.Annika Driessen
“Sweet Dreams” by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Opus/Show Title: op. 39, no. 21

3.Johanna Millar
“Reflections” by Dennis Alexander

Class 75204 – Grade 4

201.Jesse Janssen
“The Avalanche” by Stephen Heller, Opus/Show Title: op. 45, no. 2

1:45 PM
Award Group 20
Class 75004 – Grade 4

1.Isabella Steinke
“Menuet in D Minor” by Johann Heinrich Buttstett

2.Brynn Huber
“Air in D Minor” by GF Handel, Opus/Show Title: HWV461

3.Kelsey Weslosky
“Fantasia in E Minor” by G. P. Telemann, Opus/Show Title: TWV 33:21

4.Mackenzie D Lewis
“Aria” by Domenico Scarlatti

5.Madelyn Dodds
“Rigadoon in A Minor” by William Babell

6.Avery Millar
“Rigadoon in A Minor” by William Babell

2:45 PM
Award Group 29
Class 71613 – 13 and Under

1.Sophia Williams
“Shooting Stars in Summer” by Naoko Ikeda

3:00 PM
Award Group 24
Class 75604 – Grade 4

1.Isabella Steinke
“Reflections” by Dennis Alexander

2.Kali Stokes
“Positively Swinging” by Christopher Norton

3.Mackenzie D Lewis
“Solitude” by Joyce Grill

4.Brynn Huber
“Nocturne” by Paul Sheftel

5.Jesse Janssen
“The Young Rider” by Christopher Norton

6.Madelyn Dodds
“Positively Swinging” by Christopher Norton

Class 75605 – Grade 5

1.Carter Sagert
“No Worries” by Elissa Milne

2.Vanessa Giles
“Sunset in Rio” by Mike Springer

3.Sara Millar
“Melancholy Reflections” by Mike Schoenmehl

Tuesday, April 20th
7:00 PM
Award Group 28

Class 77604 – Grade 4

1. Avery Millar & Johanna Millar
“Summer Samba” by Melody Bober

Class 77606 – Grade 6

1.Kale Sagert & Carter Sagert
“Pretentious Jazz” by Martha Mier

7:30 PM
Award Group 35
Class 75108 – Grade 8

1.Benjamin Ott
“Piano Sonata no.16 K.545” by Mozart

Class 74008 – Grade 8

1.Keon Reid
“Waltz in A flat Major” by F Chopin, Opus/Show Title: Op 69 No 1

8:00 PM
Award Group 32
Class 76107 – Grade 7

1.Ethan O Lewis
“Polonaise in E Major” by Johann Sebastian Bach

“Sonatina in B flat Major” by Anton Diabelli, Opus/Show Title: Op 168, no 4, First Movement

“Pajaro triste Sad Bird” by Federico Mompou

Class 76108 – Grade 8

1.Benjamin Ott
“Waltz in B-” by Chopin, Opus/Show Title: Opus 69 No.2

“Seven Good-Humored Variations on a Ukrainian Folksong” by Kabalevsky, Opus/Show Title: 51 no 4

“Prelude in D” by Bach, Opus/Show Title: BWV 936

Wednesday, April 21st
1:00 PM
Award Group 23

Class 75504 – Grade 4

1.Mason Miller
“Dance” by Bela Bartok, Opus/Show Title: For Children, vol. 2 no. 8

Class 75506 – Grade 6

1.Kale Sagert
“Song of the Cavalry” by Dmitri Kabalevsky, Opus/Show Title: Op 27 No 29

1:15 PM
Award Group 26
Class 77205 – Grade 5

1.Carter Sagert
“Blue Mood” by William Gillock

2.Maryna Shevchuk
“Sunset in Rio” by Mike Springer

Class 77206 – Grade 6

1.Rachel Sanders
“Cool as a Cucumber” by Christopher Norton

1:45 PM
Award Group 21
Class 75005 – Grade 5

1.Sebastian Ulrich Novero
“Fantasia in C Major” by George Philipp Telemann

2.Maryna Shevchuk
“Fantasia in C major” by Georg Philipp Telemann, Opus/Show Title: TWV 33:14

3.Sara Millar
“Verso in E Minor” by Domenico Zipoli, Opus/Show Title: Opus 1

Class 75006 – Grade 6

1.Kale Sagert
“Prelude in c minor” by JS Bach, Opus/Show Title: BWV 999

2.Sam Klooster
“Sarabande in D Minor” by G.F. Handel, Opus/Show Title: Suite No. 4, HWV 437

2:30 PM
Award Group 19
Class 74504 – Grade 4

1.Kali Stokes
“Masquerade” by Linda Niamath

2.Jessica Knopp
“Dreamcatcher” by Anne Crosby Gaudet

3.Kelsey Weslosky
“After the Rain” by Joanne Bender

4.Avery Millar
“Echoes of November” by Stephen Chatman

Class 74505 – Grade 5

1.Natalie Secret
“Jig” by Violet Archer

Class 74506 – Grade 6

1.Sarah Collins
“Gentle Breeze” by Joanne Bender

3:15 PM
Award Group 25

Class 76104 – Grade 4

1.Layne Albert-Puurveen
“Menuet in D Minor” by Johann Heinrich Buttstett

“Sonatina in F Major” by Diabelli, Opus/Show Title: Op 168, no 1

“Foggy Day Blues” by Mike Springer

1.Rachel Ott
“Rigadoon in A Minor” by Babell

“German Dance in E Flat Major” by Beethoven, Opus/Show Title: WoO 13, no. 9

“Chastushka” by Kabelevsky, Opus/Show Title: Op 89, no. 25

Class 76106 – Grade 6

1.Caius Battig
“Prelude in C minor” by Johann Sebastian Bach, Opus/Show Title: 999

“As Swift as a Deer” by Daniel Gottlob Turk

“Sentimental Waltz” by Franz Schubert, Opus/Show Title: Op 68, no 35

Wednesday, April 21st
7:00 PM
Award Group 27

Class 77204 – Grade 4

1.Kate Blumenthal
“Foggy Day Blues” by Mike Springer

Class 77404 – Grade 4

1.Jessica Knopp
“Knocking on Heaven’s Door” by Bob Dylan, Arranged by Dan Coates

2.Madelyn Dodds
“Beauty and the Beast” by Lyrics by Howard Ashman, Music by Alan Menken, Opus/Show Title: Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Arranged by Dennis Alexander

7:30 PM
Award Group 22 
Class 75104 – Grade 4

1.Annika Driessen
“Sonatina” by Muzio Clementi, Opus/Show Title: op. 36, no. 2, Third Movement

2.Johanna Millar
“Sonatina in C Major, 2nd movement” by Johann Anton André, Opus/Show Title: Opus 34 no. 1

Class 75105 – Grade 5

1.Sebastian Ulrich Novero
“Sonatina in C Major” by Muzio Clementi, Opus/Show Title: op. 36, no. 3

2.Vanessa Giles
“Sonatina in C Major” by Muzio Clementi, Opus/Show Title: op. 36, no. 3

3.Sara Millar
“Sonatina in F Major  1st movement” by Ludwig van Beethoven, Opus/Show Title: Anh. 5, no. 2

4.Maryna Shevchuk
“Sonatina in C Major III” by Muzio Clementi, Opus/Show Title: Opus 36 no. 3

Class 75106 – Grade 6

1.Sam Klooster
“Sonatina in A minor” by Benda, Opus/Show Title: no. 3

2.Sarah Collins
“Sonatina in G Major  1st movement” by Jan Ladislav Dussek, Opus/Show Title: Opus 19/20 no. 1

8:30 PM
Award Group 17
Class 74006 – Grade 6

1.Rachel Sanders
“Burlesca in D major” by Johann Ludwig Krebs

2.Natalie Secret
“Floating” by Christopher Norton

3.Sarah Collins
“As Swift as a Deer” by Daniel Gottlob Türk