Program – Vocal


Peace Lutheran Church / MAP
Wednesday, April 13, 2022
Adjudicator: Mairi-Irene McCormack


Award Group 1
Class 90106 – 6 and Under

1.Cassidy Desacola-Villajin
“The Snowman”, Arranged by D.F. Cook

Class 90109 – 9 and Under

1.Georgia Schnurer
“Corragio, ben Mio”, Arranged by Stephen Chatman

Class 90111 – 11 and Under

1.Adrianna Freiter
“Computer Cat” by Donna Rhodenizer

Class 90112 – 12 and Under

1.Kate Zorn
“Volksliedchen” by Robert Schumann, Opus 51, no. 2

Award Group 2
Class 90206 – 6 and Under

1.Cassidy Desacola-Villajin
“Rabbits” by W.H.Belyea

Class 90212 – 12 and Under

1.Violet Michaud
“Singin’ the Blues” by Donna Rhodenizer

2.Emily Williams
“On the back of an Eagle” by Nancy Telfer

Award Group 3
Class 90312 – 12 and Under

1.Adrianna Freiter
“It Is Well With My Soul” by Horatio Spafford and Philip Paul Bliss, Arranged by Anne Britt

Class 90810 – 10 and Under

1.Georgia Schnurer
“Wiegenlied” by Johanne Brahms, Opus: Wo31, no.11

Class 90812 – 12 and Under

1.Emily Williams
“Marienwurmchen (Ladybug)” by Brahms

Class 90912 – 12 and Under

1.Kate Zorn
“Walking in the Air” by Howard Blake, Opus/Show Title: Theme from the symphonic poem ‘The Snowman’

2.Violet Michaud
“Nella Fantasia” by Ennio Morricone and Chiara Ferrau

10:30AM     ~BREAK~   10:45AM

Award Group 4
Class 92510 – 10 and Under

1.Arley Roberie
“She’s Like the Swallow” a Newfoundland Folk Song, Arranged by Carl Strommen

Class 92512 – 12 and Under

1.Adrianna Freiter
“The Gospel Train” an African-American Spiritual

2.Lily Murray
“Annabel Lee” an American Folksong, Arranged by Brendan Fox

Award Group 5
Class 95710 – 10 and Under

1.Victoria Hassen
“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” by R. Sherman, Show Title: Mary Poppins

Class 94012 – 12 and Under

1.Erica Russett
“Crazier” by Taylor Swift, Robert Ellis Orrall

Award Group 13
Class 90117 – 17 and Under

1.Caylie Klooster
“Ave Verum Corpus” by Mozart

2.James Allen
“Plaisir d’Amour” by J.P Martini

 Class 90119 – 19 and Over

1.Heather Giles
“Jeunes Fillettes” an 18 Century French Pastorale, Arranged by Jean-Baptiste Theodore Weckerlin

Award Group 8
Class 90314 – 14 and Under

1.Kera Bonnell
“Lord Here Am I” by Crosby and Althouse

12:00PM     ~BREAK~   1:00PM

Award Group 7
Class 92715 – 15 and Under

1.Anna Dykstra
“Nel Cor Piu Non Mi Sento” by Giovanni Paisiello
“Was ist Sylvia” by Franz Shubert
“Young Love Lies Sleeping” by Arthur Sommervell

Award Group 9
Class 91514 – 14 and under

1. Kera Bonnell
“Caro Mio Ben” by Giordani

Class 91515 – 15 and Under

1.Alayna Jackson
“Sebben Crudele” by Caldara

Class 90816 – 16 and Under

1.Natalie Secret
“Das Veilchen” by W.A. Mozart

Award Group 10
Class 92514 – 14 and Under

1.Emily Murray
“Danny Boy” an Old Irish Air, Arranged by Julie Knowles

2.Kera Bonnell
“Deku Colores” by Sonja Poorman

Award Group 11
Class 94614 – 14 and Under

1.Tessa Bathelt
“A thousand Years” by Christina Perri

Award Group 12
Class 94714 – 14 and Under

1.Tessa Bathelt
“You Say” by Daigle, Ingram et. al.

Award Group 6
Class 90114 – 14 and Under

1.Celia Hamill
“Nymphs and Shepherds” by Henry Purcell

2.Tessa Bathelt
“Amy Sunshine Light Your Way” by Sally Albrecht and Jay Althouse

Class 90115 – 15 and Under

1.Alayna Jackson
“As I Went A-Roaming” by Taylor and Brabe

2:35PM     ~BREAK~   2:50PM

Award Group 16
Class 92517 – 17 and Under

1.Grey Peterson
“Linden Lea” by R Vaughn-Williams

Award Group 15
Class 90318 – 18 and Under

1.Caylie Klooster
“The Holy City” by Michael Maybrick, lyrics by Frederic Weatherly

Class 91519 – 19 and Over

1.Layne Spencer
“Come Raggio Di Sol” by Antonio Caldara

Class 90419 – 19 and Over
Adjudication Only

1.Ashley Schnurer
“Quia Respexit” by J.S Bach, Opus: Magnificat

Class 92319 – 19 and Over
Adjudication Only

1.Ashley Schnurer
“Solveig’s Song” by Edvard Grieg, Opus: Peer Gynt

Award Group 14
Class 92717 – 17 and Under

1.James Allen
“Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind” by Arne
“Romanze” by F. Schubert
“Loveliest of Trees” by J. Duke

Class 92719 – 19 and Over

1.Camryn Bauer
“Ach, es Schmeckt Doch Gar Zu Gut” by Johann Sebastian Bach
“L’Heure Exquise” by Reynaldo Hahn
“Clear Shining Moment” by Martha Hill Duncan

Award Group 17
Class 94018 – 18 and Under

1.Caylie Klooster
“The Wind Beneath My Wings” by Larry Henley, Jeff Silbar

Class 95718 – 18 and Under

1.Grey Peterson
“Feed the Birds” by R M Sherman and R B Sherman

Award Group 18
Class 95418 – 18 and Under

3.Caylie Klooster
“If I Can’t Have You” by Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb

Award Group 19
Class 96118 – 18 and Under

4.Grey Peterson
“Unravelling” by Grey Peterson